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November 10, 2006
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Jan 6, 2005, 5:42:17 AM
Worthless Piece of Shit by Katerina423 Worthless Piece of Shit by Katerina423

One of the rare times when I think I don't want any misinterpretation.

This picture was taken a LONG time ago. About two years ago actually. Those that are familiar with my work will notice that it was taken at the same time as Echoes and Damned. The picture was perfectly appropriate for that situation.

I worked on and titled this image not that long ago. Probably in the beginning of the year. The titled was prompted by a situation I was in, and it was perfectly appropriate then.

I am now posting this image because it seems to be perfectly appropriate now, given the current situation.

The genesis of this image is interesting. It seems to be constantly coming back to me. It's appropriate always because it is such a blanket statement of anger and hurt aimed at either yourself, others, or both at the same time.

"You are a..."
"I am a..."
"You think I am a..."

The meaning of this has evolved so much to me. It is the pinnacle of the most recurring human emotions: anger and pain. Sometimes I need a reminder of that. Perhaps one day I'll actually be able to create something new in the moment, but right now.. I think the reminder is important enough in itself. It is recurring, so you cannot wait until it passes. It will happen again. So just fucking deal with it now.

I am emotionally and artistically blind, deaf, and dumb. And this is only part of the process to battle all of that. And into battle again we go...
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sorry it's long, cause here's 3 critiques in 1 post. Can not pull these apart. For one can never exist without the other.. )

hi Kat
you asked me in your news article to critique one of your photographs, and I decided to take you up on that. That was BEFORE I had even ever seen your gallery. I clicked. And swallowed. Those are different pictures than the happy nature and springs 'acoming!- shots I've been seeing a lot lately. So I got a bit of a scare and thought I can't do that! Opened up the ailing minds folder, and then there was this face just looking at me as it it wanted me to say something. I sat there looking from a distance for a bit. Then I clicked again. And I am so glad I did. For I have now seen some of the most amazing photographs I've ever seen in my life!
In yr comment you indicated that really this was a "series" of 3. So I felt I had to look at those too, before really being able to say something about this one. And I'm so glad I did, because these 3 pictures, for the time frame taken, and posted ~ AND for some OTHER things ~which I'll get to in a bit~ they irrevocably belong TOGETHER. These can never be pulled apart. Impossible. I can not talk about this one, without talking about the 2 others. But I decided to post here, since this was the last image posted, but also cause it was the one that initially drew me in.

So, I've spent a good hour, looking at these 3 images. Looked. And read. I can not comment on the technical aspects of the photograph(s). However, since I feel, myself, and also reading other peoples comments, about how these pictures evoked so many strong feelings, I think technically you probably did pretty good. I wouldn't say anything needs to be improved on these images either. For the comments, and your own replies to them, are telling that you managed to convey ~ to OTHERS~ what you wanted. VERY well. I also see that from the kind of comments on your 3 pictures, there are really basically 2 groups. The courageous. And the scared. TWO. That word *two* brings us to some interesting points.

Worthless Piece of Shit: I was struck by the duality I felt here. This sad face.. and at the same time, so knowing. Do you realize yourself, that this face actually has TWO faces? A dead face, and an alive face. The right side of the image, is sad, the eye dull, beaten down. But the left side, the eye has a spark. Shows fight, and character. Its not only feeling. Put something over the image, cover up each side and look at the other. Do you see it? Not only is it alive, it's defiant, and there's fight, knowledge and wisdom there. Another aspect I noticed, is the wall. Very relevant. We'll get to that.

Echoes: it looks like even though this image evokes very strong feelings in people, it's the one of the series of 3 that they seem most comfortable with. Comments, and favs, and views. It scares people, and at the same time, they can connect. Remember TWO? Again, here we again see TWO faces. The one who screams and looks scared. And the face shown in the reflection. It's supposed to be your reflection. But it's not a mirror we're seeing. It's a wall. Also, walls can't move. That would be the steadiest thing to hold on to for balance. You have your hand on the wall. But look at the face in the wall.. you're not only holding onto the wall, but also on the other face. That face is not a reflection at all. That's the second part. The soothing face. The eyes are soft. The mouth seems to be forming a kiss. And is leaning in. Towards the scared face. That whole wall image is soothing, you can nearly hear it talk to you, in you. "there there, it's okay, I'm here, I will not go, I can not go".. And you're holding onto that other face, the one that's not scared. The one that knows, is peaceful, and STEADY, unmoving. Knowledgeable, wise. The stronger one. Scared and consoling. Happiness and unhappiness. Kissing each other. SO close together. So close that they're in fact touching each other. On a wall that can never move. One can not be without the other.

Damned: The one with the least faves. And views. And the one where you show more fear, than in either one of the other two. Where you're even more bare, if that's even possible. The fact we see no clothes and the outline of a bare breast is adding to make us realize that. But I see two faces again. this time its the left side of the image that seems beaten down, but the eye on the right side is defiant. Cover half the image, and look at the eye. And again, we have the 2nd image on the wall. Even though the girl hangs forward, mouth open, doing all to show total defeat, her own relfection on the wall is all but defeated. It stands steady on the wall. Straight, as if she's got arms on her hips saying.. come on than, what do you want? She's on the wall, the strong one. And all the strong one is, is the damned one's reflection. It's her. There's only 1 person here. Only the damned one doesn't see it, cause she's looking the wrong way..
But she knows the other one is there..

The courageous. And the scared. Irrevocably linked together. They can not be pulled apart. They are one. That is the echo. The cycle. And therefore it will repeat itself. Like the tide. In -out -in- out. Coming and Going. Once you know, it may be still scary, but maybe less so. Echo is like thoughts, let them pass. Don't try grab them, they're not meant to be grabbed. They're meant to float over you. Like the steam rising above you when you lay with your head back in a hot bathtub. Relax, dont move. Just look at them. Let them float..
(and if you didn't manage this time.. oh well.. scream a little, and start over again.. )

In all: a striking series of 3 photographs that have a lot to say, in their simple black and white. (colour would have NEVEr been able to do this, it would have distracted from the raw emotions)
I think Kat is one gutsy photographer, daring to share what I have never seen anybody else do before in my life.
Also, she has achieved something that I have never seen before either. Usually photographers take shots of something they see, but rarely have I seen something like this.
Kat managed to shoot.. not out. She shot IN.

She was taking these shots, to show US the pictures. I now wonder if, and hope, that she will allow these pictures to also talk to herself, (the both of em ;) ) as much as she wants for them to talk to us..

love you Kat! :tighthug:
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Oseltamivir Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I've seen this look on my own face many times.  You really captured the feeling perfectly.
TornadoMetVolcano Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i always was and always will be a worthless piece of shit.
inthegrasps Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
God, your work is amazing ,you should be put down as the Shakespeare of photography. Your stuff makes me wanna just..kill my self for not doing it first Even though I'm not a girl and I probably can't do something quite like that. But at one point I'm gonna put photography up but screw me. I can't top your art , no one can.
Katerina423 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
oh you do me more credit than i deserve. Thank you for all your kindness.
You may very well be better than me if you practice! Never hesitate to give it a try and push yourself because we all started somewhere and have to continue learning. Whenever I look at the work on dA, i walk away with the same feeling you described.. "I can't possibly ever do anything that good". But it's a great motivator to try.. and often that alone works!
inthegrasps Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
Eh ,I'm not much of the photographer I'm more of a poet and storyteller and sometimes something on gimp , but its been so long since I've had a camera that my eyes blink to the flash of one.
You can take a look at my gallery if you like.
supn9 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2009
:library: , let me guess..the romance section? :D
Katerina423 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
huh? :confused:
Desertlion Featured By Owner May 1, 2008   Writer
no misinterpretations?
but i'm soooo good at those!
inspiredimperfection Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2008
i swear this made me feel like i was looking at the mirror on the inside of my closet.
jzcj5 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
This one escaped me thus far. I dont know how. I think I can understand this shot. I have looked through a lot of comments and this has sparked some very intense comments for sure. Although some of them are a bit off, at least you know you hit a nerve, even if its the one you were aiming for or not. I always like your images but after looking through your gallery, I am seeing that the complete works add up to an extreme loneliness. It is very moving and it also makes me that much happier you and Steven found each other. This picture brings about so much but its a definite love/hate relationship. I think I get here enough and I dont want to relive it but Im glad to know that someone understands :)
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